No Room for the Sidelines

Lotus flower

Crises are catalysts

The appetite for change stirred up by a crisis can be harnessed for broader positive movements. By overturning old certainties and shining new light on old problems, issues, or injustices, a crisis can be a catalyst for a better tomorrow … as long as we are willing to accept the challenge.

Start a conversation

In times of social upheaval, ignoring what’s going on in the world beyond the office walls can seem like the easy option. But if you want to build a healthy and inclusive culture, you need to address difficult subjects directly. That means both leading and listening, both talking and creating the time, space, and channels to foster conversation. Big, small, serious, or fun, conversations in times of change bring us together.

Live your mission

Your mission is your most valuable touchstone when you need to make challenging decisions in a time of crisis. When priorities appear to conflict and you are pulled in multiple directions, focusing on your mission and its underlying values will light the path forward. Your Why is more than just words; it is a code to live by.

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

Lotus flower