Praise for Fearless

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“If you want to know what it takes to be a great leader, read ‘Fearless’. The examples of timeless leadership are priceless. Every page has an important lesson for today’s leaders.”


“Fearless’ is a moving account of the connection between a Chief Executive Officer, his team, and their customers – and how humanity comes forward in trying times. Bursting with practical takeaways, the book is a must read for anyone who wishes to lead their teams with authenticity.”

Reggie Rivers
President, The Gala Team

“It takes a skilled leader to display authority, vulnerability, and harmony in the face of unprecedented change. Steve Johns has mastered this talent. Whether you lead a small team or large company, read ‘Fearless’. You’ll want to keep the book close by and refer to it again and again.”

Lynn Page, CFRE
Fundraising Executive

“Fearless’ is OUR story. Steve Johns shares the authentic journey of a team who leads with purpose, with courage to innovate with compassion for their community. It’s a book you’ll want to share, and a story you will see yourself in.”

Deborah Barge, CFRE
Fundraising Executive

“Every company faces crossroads, but it’s the outcome and being undaunted in the face of adversity, that matters most. Fearless is full of important insights on how to lead and positively affect change amidst uncertainty.”

Don Aquilano
Co-founder & Managing Director, Allos Ventures

“I have had the privilege of working with Steve four different times during our careers. During these challenging times, it is great to see him sharing decades of wisdom accumulated from a successful career in many different environments. There are lessons in these letters that can help people find a path to both professional and personal success. I recommend reading this book. It is a great illustration of relentless positive action!”

Rick Snyder
Former Governor of Michigan

“There are many books on leadership, but ‘Fearless: Lessons in Leadership at the Crossroads,’ is special. Rooted in stoic thinking and planted firmly in human centered leadership, the book’s powerful stories will make you think and inspire you to change your perspectives. Steve has navigated his company through the roughest of times with honesty and a sense of pride and perseverance that we should all aspire to.”

Mark Lacek
Co-founder, OneCause (formerly BidPal)

“Steve Johns is one of those rare people who is both incredibly smart and deeply caring. In this day and age of bull$#!% and self-promotion, it’s so refreshing to see a message of humility and truth as being the keys to real sustainable leadership. The easy way out is to lie and pretend but having the guts to really tell the truth is what truly makes a great leader. His lessons prove that a little honesty goes a long, long way, and to be humble and truthful is truly ‘Fearless’.”

Ted Waitt
Co-founder, Gateway; Founder, Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute

“One of the rarest and perhaps most admirable characteristics of an exceptional leader lies in their ability to be vulnerable and share their humanity. In ‘Fearless,’ Steve Johns takes us on a journey into his own humanity and shows us how vulnerability, even in the midst of crisis, can be transformed into a competitive advantage. Onward!”

Tim Kachuriak
Chief Executive Officer, Nextafter

Lotus flower