Innovation Finds a Way

Lotus flower

Harness a service mindset

The passionate desire to serve others provides a springboard for creative change. A commitment to helping causes that really matter gives meaning to our work and motivates our quest for solutions.

Uncertainty can be a positive

Chaos, change, and uncertainty are engines of innovation. The overturning of established orders and the need to respond to the unexpected force us to find new ways to achieve our goals. As scary as it can be, use the hole created by upheaval to chart a new course or embrace a “silver-lining” mindset.

Build a culture of curiosity

The ability to embrace change and find opportunities in chaos is rooted in culture. These conditions can only give rise to innovation if people and the organizations to which they belong embrace them. Fear of change leads to a retreat into what is familiar and safe, so a culture of curiosity and fearlessness is necessary to make the most of upheavals when they arrive.

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

Lotus flower