Decision Points

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Distinguish the urgent from the important

Not everything important is urgent and not everything that seems urgent is important. Taking a moment to distinguish between the two can cut your stress levels dramatically. Leading, modeling, and sharing this simple philosophy with your team can help everyone stay calm, aligned, and directionally focused on the right, most impactful things.

Eliminate the non-essential

If something is neither urgent nor important, you can let it go completely. Give yourself the gift of time by cutting out anything that’s not essential.

Go back to basics

When the world is upside down and nothing seems to make sense, fall back on what you know works. Use simple proven tools for business that can help make sense of other parts of life as well. Believe it or not, going back to basics can have a radical impact.

Invest in yourself

Identifying things in our lives that are important but not urgent helps remind us not to let opportunities for growth slip by. Setting aside a portion of time specifically for non-urgent but important things ensures we create the space to develop ourselves and our careers, or even just reconnect with people, activities, or interests we’ve let slip by. Stop and focus outside of the moment.

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

Lotus flower