Helpful and Committed

Lotus flower

Find purpose in serving others

Purpose is what gives us passion and drives us forward. Service to others is a renewable resource for motivation and is particularly important in times of crisis. By building networks of service through which we help our colleagues and our customers, we construct a mechanism for creating shared value and flourish together.

Helpfulness doesn’t have to come at a cost

People often treat being helpful as a zero-sum game: If I help you, that comes at a cost to me. But that’s a narrow view. The best type of helpfulness creates or adds value. By finding ways to do things better and more effectively, we help our fearless fundraisers and ourselves.

The finish isn’t the end

Being committed doesn’t just mean seeing projects through to their conclusion. It means carrying the wisdom you have acquired forward and applying it in pursuit of your next goal. Pause, celebrate what you have achieved, and then move forward to the next challenge because commitment, by its very nature doesn’t end.

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

Lotus flower