The Fearless Journey

Lotus flower

Mark the milestones

Milestones are important, especially when navigating in a crisis. Commemorating progress helps to build culture by focusing on shared achievements. Past achievements also provide inspiration for those setting out on the next leg of the journey.

Balance optimism with realism

News of genuine progress is inspiring and can help make other goals feel more attainable and within reach. Be sure to temper aspirational narratives with realism about ongoing challenges and uncertainties. The goal is hopefulness and optimism grounded in data, not empty optimism that ignores reality.

Stories have power

The way we tell our stories, both to others and to ourselves, shapes the way we view the world. By making the hero’s story a shared story, we can create a common cultural narrative that unites teams and individuals around the goal of serving the customer.

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

Lotus flower