Where there’s no mud, there’s no lotus.

Where there’s no authenticity, there’s no leadership.

This book is a must-read for today’s leaders and tomorrow’s people builders.

FEARLESS: Leadership Lessons at the Crossroads
Lotus flower

“It seemed crazy, like something out of a dystopian movie. How could daily life just stop for a nation of 300 million people? How could the wheels of the greatest economic engine in history come to a halt? But as the week progressed, it became increasingly clear that something unimaginable was happening.”

Praise for Fearless

“Steve Johns is one of those rare people who is both incredibly smart and deeply caring. In this day and age of bull$#!% and self-promotion, it’s so refreshing to see a message of humility and truth as being the keys to real sustainable leadership. The easy way out is to lie and pretend but having the guts to really tell the truth is what truly makes a great leader. His lessons prove that a little honesty goes a long, long way, and to be humble and truthful is truly ‘Fearless’.”

— Ted Waitt
Co-Founder, Gateway;
Founder, Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute

“It takes a skilled leader to display authority, vulnerability, and harmony in the face of unprecedented change. Steve Johns has mastered this talent. Whether you lead a small team or large company, read ‘Fearless’. You’ll want to keep the book close by and refer to it again and again.”

— Lynn Page, CFRE
Fundraising Executive

“‘Fearless’ is OUR story. Steve Johns shares the authentic journey of a team who leads with purpose, with courage to innovate with compassion for their community. It’s a book you’ll want to share, and a story you will see yourself in.”

— Deborah Barge, CFRE
Fundraising Executive

“One of the rarest and perhaps most admirable characteristics of an exceptional leader lies in their ability to be vulnerable and share their humanity. In ‘Fearless,’ Steve Johns takes us on a journey into his own humanity and shows us how vulnerability, even in the midst of crisis, can be transformed into a competitive advantage. Onward!”

— Tim Kachuriak
Chief Executive Officer, NextAfter

Meet Steve Johns

Steve Johns is passionate about helping nonprofits build a better tomorrow. He leads the team at OneCause as Chief Executive Officer. Steve leverages over 30 years of experience in technology, corporate development, venture capital, event production, and entrepreneurship.

OneCause has emerged as the leading digital fundraising platform helping nonprofits raise more money and connect with more donors.

Steve adds author to his achievements. He began writing his debut book after a message to his team, ‘Be safe.’

A modern thinker, Steve links timeless learning, stoicism, real life experiences, and powerful stories into a mesmeric diary that delivers warmth and charm.

Leadership Lessons — A Preview to What’s Inside


When Crisis Comes Knocking

When your organization is facing an existential threat, the only path that will carry you through intact is one that brings your team with you. Unrealistic projections and lofty promises are cheap tricks that devalue your most important asset: an authentic connection with the people you rely on.Read more


No Mud, No Lotus

No matter how dark the situation, the struggle to overcome difficulty shapes us. When we become conscious of the possibilities offered by adversity, we can draw on it as a resource to hone ourselves and develop our potential.Read more


Staying Stoic

Concentrating on the things you can change and accepting the things you cannot frees up valuable energy to strive toward achievable goals. It also helps maintain a healthy disposition in a world that can often seem chaotic and unmanageable.Read more


No Room for the Sidelines

The appetite for change stirred up by a crisis can be harnessed for broader positive movements. By overturning old certainties and shining new light on old problems, issues, or injustices, a crisis can be a catalyst for a better tomorrow … as long as we are willing to accept the challenge.Read more

We have a responsibility to pay it forward and help one another to build better tomorrows.

That journey continues with “Fearless”. When he joined OneCause, Steve Johns made a promise to add to the good of society. He leads OneCause with the passion, determination, and responsibility to help nonprofits grow their missions one cause at a time. A portion of all book royalties will be reserved for charitable donations, scholarship programs, and the advancement of generosity.

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